Featured Artist - Liza Stout

  • April 8, 2019
  • /   Cruisers
  • /   steamboat artist,art
Artwork framed in birch and walnut, digitally created space man in white space suit on an orange planet

Liza Stout is a Colorado-based artist who chosen medium is digital illustration.  Her work is inspired by the times her family traveled in an old van through Utah and southern California.  She was intrigued by the desolate stillness and struck by the way life flourishes in the harshest conditions.  Combining laser cutting, painting and digital mediums, Liza examines topographic lines and the impact humans have on the environment.  She brings to the surface the dialogue between how we manipulate our environment and how are then affected by this manipulation. Space, a place of either total helplessness or one of infinite possibility, adds layers to this question: How much impact do we as humans actually have?

(Liza builds her frames in Colorado using solid birch and walnut splines)