La Sirena by Natalie Bessell

  • April 30, 2019
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Natalie Bessell

One of our foremost intentions for Cruisers is to share art with the community.  Auspicious connections led us local artist, Natalie Bessell.  We were beyond honored for her to grace our east facing wall with "La Sirena," a dreamy allusion to the alluring sirens of the Odyssey.  This Natalie's description of the piece:

"There is a female energy through all forms, powerful energy.  It is in the ocean that we swim in, the land that we tend to, the fruits that nourish us, it is all thing created and creating.  In my mural, "La Sirena," the Siren and the Sea exist as one.  She sways in and out, moving to the the only one that speaks to Her, the Moon.  Does this make her dangerous?  Of course, but perhaps we blame it on the moon."

Our deepest gratitude to Natalie for coalescing her vision with ours, to offer this slice of beauty to the La Jolla community.